How To Track Your Pallet

Tracking your palletised consignment is easy with our different tracking facilities now available online. The below steps will direct you to our pallet tracking system, and how to get your own proof of deliveries. 

1. Consignee Tracking 

If you want a simple consignment update, or would like your customer to be able to track their own consignment, go to our home page and you will see 'Track Your Pallet' on the banner at the bottom.

This will bring a pop up box asking for your delivery post code and tracking number; once you provide these details it will bring your items information up, including pallet scans and delivery date. 

2. Online Entry Portal

There is also a tracking facility on the pallet entry portal where you entered the address details. 

Once you have logged in onto your account there are multiple ways for your to track your consignment.

Home Page

The Home Page, will show you a map function with all of your deliveries due for delivery on todays date, as you zoom in you can see the details of every delivery with an ETA and the delivery details. 

This allows you to easily track your delivery and provides you with an estimated arrival time.

The consignments which show on the map each day, are also listed at the bottom of the home page, here you can toggle your view to add and remove the information you wish to see. If you click the scan in the tracking column it will open up a drop down box with more details on your consigment and all the scanning information for that delivery. Once a POD has been uploaded a picture icon will appear in the POD column and once you click this a copy of the POD is readily available.


You can also search through all of your consignments to track a delivery in the TrackIT section of the portal, you can locate this screen on the left hand side. 

Here you can manipulate the search fields to locate the details you need to track, you can collate consignments by Date Range, Post Code, Consignment Number and Reference. 

Once you have the details for the consignments you wish to track, you can click on the consignment number to open up the consignment details, here you can see the delivery address and whereabouts this consignment is, with an ETA uploaded once the consignment is scanned out for delivery. 

If you would just like to see the latest scanning information, click the scan uploaded in the Tracking column and this will list every scan on your pallets barcode label. 

Once the goods have been delivered a picture icon will appear in the POD column, if you click on the icon your POD image will appear. 

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