A little bit of humour

Another Late or Lost Delivery

Late Again

Are you fed up of picking up the telephone only to hear one of your customers complaining about yet another late delivery?


Just so You Know

We deliver over 99% of our palletised goods on time.




Does Your Carrier Really Care

Fed up of Damaged Goods

Is your present carrier damaging your goods and then simply returning them to you without even letting you know, thus causing you twice as many problems?


Just So You Know

We offer a safe and secure delivery service for all kinds of products, but in the event that we do have the misfortune of damaging something we will be sure to let you know as soon as possible and work with you every step of the way to get the issue resolved, thats because we really do care!




Are You Losing Your Reputation Because Your Carrier is Losing Your Goods

 Lost Again

How many times has your carrier lost one of your deliveries and then failed to even tell you?

A sure way to upset not only you but your client too.

Just so you know 

Translink Express Logistics along with Pallet-Track and its many members can proudly say that we are the only network in the UK never to have lost a single pallet.

That’s a record in itself, but with now over 20 million pallets shipped it’s a record  that is helping us be seen as the safest way for your pallets to travel.


Call Centre Chaos

 Are You Fed up With Poor Communication

The moment you dread……

When you pick up the telephone to call your carrier with an urgent query, who will answer, will they be able to help?

Or do you get the person with no communication skills or the one that will just keep you on hold for what seems like forever and then simply says I will call you back but never does.

Or maybe you will get the new one that you have never spoken to before and has that “I don’t really care” attitude.  


Just So You Know

Every account holding client at Translink Express Logistics is provided with personal 1-2-1 Customer Care.

We nominate a person to take care of you every step of the way, they get to know you and your business, avoiding all of the complications that come from call centres and offering a far more proactive level of Customer Service.

You will be surprised the difference this service can make.  


Price Matters

 Up go the prices Again  

Do you have the best package for your business?

Do your prices increase far too often, are increases made without you even being told?

Are you being bombarded with increases from different carriers at different times, such as one month parcels, then pallets, then same-day, then storage etc?

Or are you simply paying more than you should be?


Just so you know.

We are fully aware of the strain that price increases can put on to a business and that is why we take this matter extremely seriously.

And whilst we understand that prices need to be reviewed on a regular basis we also know that it is not always essential to increase them.

We carefully monitor our prices to make sure that we are offering excellent value for money whilst remaining competitive in the market place.   



Do You Need A Storage Solution

 Out of Storage Space?

Are you struggling with space to store your goods?

Are you unhappy with your current storage provider?


Just so You Know

Whether it be just 1 pallet or 1000 pallets that you need to store we have a package to suit your needs.

With a competitive pricing structure, computerised stock management system, weekly stock reports and much more we are well placed to look after your stock.

From unloading the containers to delivering the goods to your customers door and everything in between we have it covered.


One Carrier Takes All

 How has your week been so far?

Imagine this, it’s late on Friday afternoon and all you want to do is leave work and get ready for the weekend. Maybe a few beers or simply chill out at home.

All you are waiting for is your carriers to turn up, one for your pallets, another for parcels, another for your International, another to pick up some storage another for Groupage and finally one to collect that urgent same-day that needs to arrive tonight.

One is always late, one often forgets to turn up, one is too full to collect everything and, well you know where we are going with this one.


Just so You Know

Translink Express Logistics offers the complete one stop shop where one carrier takes all.

Open an account with us and we will send in one vehicle to collect everything at the same time and if you fill it we will simply send you another.

One call, one company, and all with 1-2-1 service.



One Call Could Possibly Make The World of Difference

Give us a call as see what we can do for you.

We understand that change is often a time consuming inconvenience, but often with change comes great benefits.

 If you experience any of the day to day issues above why not give us a quick call to see what we can do for you.

Our sales team are only a quick call away on 0116 2751555 or email [email protected]

We hope to hear from you soon.