Meet The Team

Get to know who you're talking to... 

Greg Barnes 

Managing Director   

Joint Founder 1987

In Brief

I am the one responsible for pushing the business forward in all areas. Ensuring that we maintain the high standard that we promise on our Logo. To deliver excellence.

Debra Hobbis

Financial Director 

 Joined The Team in: 1987

 In Brief 

I’m the one who manages the money.   Our Finance Department runs like a military operation and that’s the way I like it!

Chris Hobbis

Sales Director 

 Joined The Team in: 1989

 In Brief

I’m accountable for the sales, commercial and HR departments here at Translink Express.

My focus is on delivering profitable growth for the business, Customer retention and First-class customer service.

Stacey Coughlin

Logistics Director  

 Re-Joined The Team in: 2014 

In Brief  

I ensure my team are always up for a challenge, whether you want a full load or part load delivering or some space to store your goods I will help you find a solution that is right for your business.

Customer Services


Customer Service Manager 

 Joined The Team in: 1990

In Brief

Excellence in Customer Service is at the forefront of what my team stands for and its my job to ensure that we exceed our customers expectations. 


Customer Service Administrator 

Re -Joined The Team in: 2021

In Brief

I'm the admin whizz, it's my job to help support the team to ensure they offer A* customer service! 


Customer Service Advisor

Joined The Team in: 2016 

 In Brief

It's my job to fight your corner should anything go wrong, i'll be there on the end of the phone with the answer to your questions!



Operations Manager 

 Re-Joined The Team in: 1997

In Brief

Behind the scenes I am making sure our operation runs like a well Oiled machine, whatever the Customer’s needs we have it covered.  




Assistant Manager 

 Joined The Team in: 2005

In Brief

 I control the goods in and out of our multiple storage facilities keeping accurate records for our clients.

I also assist in the managing of our our busy traffic department. 



Route Planner 

Re-Joined The Team in: 2008

In Brief

 I am responsible for routing all of the pallets within the Leicestershire area.

Ensuring that everything is delivered on time.


Traffic Coordinator 

 Joined The Team in: 2019

In Brief

 I  help look after the drivers on a day to day basis and keep a close eye on our KPI's.

I also help to ensure that all of our customers are collected from on a daily basis. 



Transport Planner

 Joined The Team in: 2005

In Brief 

 I am at the centre of it all, speaking with drivers, customers and partners to plan loads for all over the country.    


Groupage Administrator 

Joined The Team 2018

In Brief 

I am here to help you with anything you need, from quoting on your job to appointing your driver, dealing with your eta request thought to providing you with proof of delivery  and generally helping delivery an excellent experience for our customers.

All in a professional and timely manner.


Groupage Manager 

 Joined The Team in: 2020

In Brief 

Up at the crack of dawn to ensure that all of the drivers leave on time is an important part of my role.

Once all of the drivers are the road i get started with planning for the following day whilst keeping an eye on the the days delivery schedules to ensure that everything is being delivered on time.



Warehouse Manager

 Joined The Team in: 2020

In Brief

It's my job to make sure our warehouse runs like a well oiled machine, so that we can deliver all goods on time. 


Night  Warehouse Supervisor 

Joined The Team in: 2021

In Brief

I look after the evening shift making sure that our warehousing operation continues to run smoothly and ensuring that all of our delivery vehicles are loaded and ready for the drivers as they arrive for work in the morning, thus ensuring prompt deliveries throughout the business.



Accounts Office Manager 

 Joined The Team in: 2003

 In Brief  

I make sure all of our customers are invoiced regularly.   I deal with all sales ledger issues and accounts queries and lots more in between!


Financial Administrator

 Joined The Team in: 2014

In Brief

I check invoices meticulously, I go through charges and billing reports with a fine tooth comb!


Accounts & Claims Administrator 

 Re-Joined The Team in: 2013

In Brief 

In the unlikely event that you need to make an  insurance claim for a shipment, I am here to help you every step of the way and ensure that we get a swift resolve for you. 


Accounts Assistant 

Joined The Team in: 2016

In Brief 

 I am here to support the team in various areas within the accounts department.

From checking invoices to ensuring customers pay on time and much, much more in between.

Sales & Marketing


Sales & Marketing Manager

 Joined The Team in: 2005

In Brief 

I am always looking out for new business, arranging meetings with new potential clients and then working with them to ensure they have a seamless transition.



Quality & Compliance Manager 

Joined The Team in: 2018

In Brief 

I provide support by implementing new systems of work and by making positive changes where required throughout the business. As Translink evolves, our management systems provide a structured framework to wider business and to our customers.