Ghost Pallet / Unmanifest Charges

Our network boasts a 99.8% on time delivery record and has never lost a pallet.

We are very protective of these statistics and Pallet Track provides the depots within the network strict rules and guidelines to ensure we continue to offer the best service available. 

Each depot's KPI reports are monitored and constantly fed back to the depots nationwide to ensure high standards are met across the board. 

With this in mind, when a pallet has been manifested but has not been scanned in at our depot here in Narborough or at the hub, both operations will take steps to check with 100% clarity that the pallet has not been sent, we will each carry out full depot searches before marking a discrepancy against the consignment.

If the pallet has not been located and the relevant investigations have been carried out we will then contact you to advise you that the pallet has not been received, if this is down to an error on your end you will be charged a 'Ghost Pallet'/ 'Non Arrival' charge, this relates to the man power used to search both depots for your pallet and is passed on to us via the network. 

To avoid these charges, if you have a pallet you no longer wish to dispatch or there is a delay at the collection point. Either delete the job from the online portal, change the collection date or call our office and we can assist you, otherwise the above charges are applicable.

Unmanifested charges are similar, but in this instance the pallet has not been input onto the portal, and therefore will have to be manually input by either ourselves here at Translink Express or the hub. This will incur un-manifest charges. 

If you have any issues with inputting a consignment on to the system call our offices and they will be happy to help.

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