How To Proceed With A Claim

Our claims procedure for a parcel or pallet is very similar, so we have outlined some information you need to help process your claim as quickly as possible with a step by step guide below.

1.Informing our team of an issue as soon as possible...

 It is important you contact our Customer Services team as quickly as possible to let us know your item has been damaged, or any other issue which may result in a claim. This enables us to investigate as quickly as possible and if required, forward on to our insurance team.

2. Has your item been signed for as damaged?

If your customer has not signed for their delivery as damaged unfortunately your claim will be declined by the insurance. Remember when signing for goods on a clean POD you are saying you have received your item in good condition.

3. Collection of Damaged Goods Will Be Arranged

By now the Customer Service’s team will have investigated the consignment and for damaged consignments a collection will be made so the goods can be inspected by the insurance team. Please note the item must be collected for us to be able to proceed with the claim.

4. Letter Of Intent

After the relevant searches and investigations if our team feels you need to proceed with a claim, the next step will be requesting a ‘Letter of Intent’ from you. This will only need to include some basic information, such as the consignment number and just a short statement of your intent to claim in writing. 

An example is as below: 

Good Morning, reference consignment 011111 please register our intent to claim for this delivery due to damage to the item upon arrival at the consignee. Please send the relevant claim documents for us to complete. Many Thanks

For a parcel consignment we will require this information within 3 days from the date of delivery, and for pallets you have 7 working days from date of delivery.

5. Damaged Goods Will Be Returned For Salvage

For a goods damage claim, the items will be returned to you once they have been inspected by our hub for inspection and salvage. Any salvageable items will need to be removed from the pallet or parcel and you will need to return the rest of the damage freight to us here at Translink Express for the attention of the Translink Claims Department. The claim will then be processed for the damaged items only, and any items that you list as damaged will not be returned to you and are instead kept by the insurance company to be disposed of.

6. Claims Form

During this time you will receive a claims form, this will need to be completed and returned within the time frame stated. A Sales & Purchase invoice must also be returned to our office attached to this document. Please note we are unable to accept a claim without either invoice. We would also like to assure you this information is confidential, but is required by our insurance company and if this is not sent by the stated date your claim will automatically be terminated.

7. Replacement Delivery

Should you need to send a replacement delivery, please contact your Customer Care advisor with the consignment number prior to dispatch so we can issue this as free of charge on your account.

We endeavour to process your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible, and as long as all of the above is provided we have an extremely quick turn around on our claims process. Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact Tracey on 0116 275 1555 or email


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