Pallet Shipments to Amazon

Our network is a preferred Amazon carrier, meaning we have a dedicated team within the hub who will book in Amazon deliveries on behalf of our customers, therefore we can offer you a seamless and efficient delivery service. 

To help ensure we can get your delivery booked in as quickly as possible, please ensrure we have the following information: 

1. 1 x ASN per consignment

2. If you have a ASN reference please provide the POs 

3. Alternatively provide 1 x FBA

4. Pallet can't be more than 500kgs 

5. No black wrap 

6. Please ensure pallet is manifested with a complete FC address 

7. Pallets to be booked in Next Day must be input on to the pallet portal for 1:45pm. 

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to call us on 0116 275 1555

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