Deleting or Amending A Consignment Online

If you have input a consignment on our online portal that you later need to remove or amend, you are able to do this yourself on our system by following the below instructions:

1.Log in onto the portal as you normally would.

2. View Jobs on the Main Menu

3. All of today's consignments will be listed here, just click the consignment number you wish to amend or delete.

4. The delivery details will appear in a separate window.

5. To edit any details on the consignment (please note this must be done the day of collection) scroll to the bottom and click edit. Make your amendments and then press save for them to update.

6. To delete the consignment, again click edit the same as the 5th step, but then scroll to the top of the window and click delete. 

Important - When deleting consignments please ensure that this is done before 6pm, after then it is best just to call the office to confirm via the telephone. Also for consignments with 10 or more pallets, they must be deleted by 15:15pm otherwise charges may be applicable.


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