Parcel Entry

Upon setting up your account with us here at Translink Express you will be provided with a unique login for the parcel entry system.

Below is an easy guide on how to input your parcel deliveries.

1.       Go to our website or click here.

2.       On the home page, you will note there is a ‘Customer Area’ ensure you have clicked the ‘Parcel’ tab and use your login details.

3.       Once logged in to the account dashboard, select ‘Consignments’ and then ‘+ New Consignments’.

4.       From here you can input your delivery details, providing a telephone number and/ or email address will provide ETA’s and SMS updates on mobile numbers and emails.

5.       Once you have completed your consignee details, press submit. This will generate a PDF pop up with the label. Ensure you print and attach to your item.

6.       You can then add another delivery, or cancel consignment.

7.       After all deliveries for the day have been completed, go to the consignment page and press ‘View Manifest’. This is the final step only to be done once all of your consignments for the day have been input. Print two copies of the manifest as the driver will want to take one with them back to our office.

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