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Over 10,000 ear protectors delivered to our NHS by Translink Express


Translink Express Logistics joined forces with Soar Valley Garden Railway back in April in their bid to offer Ear Protectors to local hospitals for free. 

Using their own 3D printer, Soar Valley Garden Railway started manufacturing ear protectors and offered them to local hospitals for free.

Since then together we have delivered over 10,000 ear protectors to the NHS and an additional few hundred to Hospices and Care Homes.

Translink Express have been an integral part of distributing the PPE to hospitals to ensure that nurses have access to ear protectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. we are so proud to be working with such a great company who wanted to help our NHS during these unprecedented times. 

If you would like to help Soar Valley Garden Railway by offering a donation please check out their Just Giving page below: